New Jersey Pool Table Assemblers

For Breaking Down Pool Tables

If you want a pool table taken apart then please contact us. Attempting to disassemble a pool table can damage the table if not done properly. We are skilled pool table technicians that can properly disassemble a pool table and advise you on storage or shipment. The pool table components are very heavy and can cause injury if not handled right. Let us do the work, we have the knowledge and equipment to complete the job without damage to the pool table, house or people you know.

Pool Table Re-Assembly

If you have recently moved in to a new home from afar, your pool table was most likely disassembled and then crated. We can re-assemble the pool table, re level and recover if needed. In some cases we work directly with the moving company to complete their moving contract.

Be sure to CONTACT the Pool Table 911 team for your next project.